Student Research
Shannon and Cynthia
Suzanne and Jamie
Why do research?
- it's fun!
- it's good experience!
- it looks good on applications!
- you have a chance to present your work at meetings!
- you have a chance to publish something!

and most importantly...
- you have a chance to discover something completely new!

Below is a list of some student projects (including current projects and projects that need more work).  Students who are interested in conducting research are encouraged to speak with Dr. Paterson or Dr. McMann about opportunities.
1.  Counting behavior in turtles
2.  Social behavior in Ambystoma salamanders
3.  Lizard social behavior (captive vs. wild, individual recognition, ontogeny)
4.  Xenopus tropicalis hormone injection schedules
5.  Spatial and chemosensory cues used by tarantulas (Aphonopelma hentzi)
6.  Factors influencing tadpole development
7.  Antimicrobial properties of millipede secretions
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